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    requirement to/for?

    could you please tell me if there is any difference in the meaning when we say 'requirement to' and 'requirement for'? E.g. what should we choose: 'requirements to the training process' or 'requirements for the training process'?

    Thaks in advance.

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    Re: requirement to/for?

    Something that is necessary [say, by law]: "It is a requirement that you carry an ID card".

    Something(s) necessary to the fulfillment or practice of something: "The requirements for attending the course are as given"; "We do not have enough in the bank to ensure all our children's requirements for clothing are met"; "The requirements for the training course are stringent".

    "Requirement to": "The requirement to complete the trip" = "to" is attached to the verb as an infinitive.

    Stick to "for".

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