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    To: Anglika, Bob K, Naamplao, Ouisch, - Bearded Butcher

    Thank you ! all of you!

    I was unable to check your replies to my answer, but it`s better to say thank you know than never.
    It`s really funny to read the different responses you`ve had to my question - from Fidel Castro, through hip-hop, to Kung fu...
    I have not idea what that sentence could mean, I thought it`s an idiom and a friend of mine told me that "wet wood" is quite expensive in US..
    I found it at this website: - Home. But it`s not there anymore. I think that it`s a some kind of youth-club website in Slovakia /EU/.

    Maybe I should try to ask them, finally.

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    Re: To: Anglika, Bob K, Naamplao, Ouisch, - Bearded Butcher

    Sounds a good idea! Always go to the horse's mouth.

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