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    How can I paraphrase?

    "Kill him! kill him!" I was watching my son play with a friend's video game. He was having fun, but there was a problem- he wasn't killing fast enough.

    Most people don't seem worried about this kind of violence. Games with a lof of killing are now acceptable for children in our society.


    Could you paraphrase the sentence in bold, please? What's "he wasn't killing fast enough" mean exactly? Did the speaker mean that the violence her son was exposed to was already bad and she didn't want it to get worse, or something else.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How can I paraphrase?

    Have you watched children with these games? They have to "kill" as many monsters/opponents as possible in order to accrue points.

    Even though he is enjoying himself, this child is clearly too slow at "killing" to be good at the game.

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