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    confusing words

    Are " lustful" and "lewd" attributive or predicative adjective?

    He is so lustful/lewd. corretct?


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    Re: confusing words

    Lustful can be used as both an attributive and a predicative adjective.
    Lewd is more likely only to be used as an attributive adjective, but I don't see any problems with using it as a preicative one either - however, its not used very commonly as a predicative adjective.

    You sentence does make sence, but reads awkwardly with lewd. It would read better as "He is so lewd a person".

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    Re: confusing words

    Thank you so much.

    He is very obsence? correct or he is a obsence person.


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    Re: confusing words

    Careful, the word is obscene.
    Again, both are gramatically correct, but neither read very well!
    The reason they don't read very well is because we rarely use obscene to describe a person, we would usually use it to describe behaviour as in His behaviour was obscene.
    Having said this, in some cases it can be used to describe people, such as:
    He is ridiculously obscene or
    What an obscene man!

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