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    Meaning of 'shee'...?

    Could you someone tell me the meaning of shee. When I play online game, some participants say "no shee". So let me get that meaning please.


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    Re: Meaning of 'shee'...?

    I believe this is an example of leetspeak.
    If the game you are playing is Halo, then shee is an abreviated version of the Banshee vehicle.
    No shee is likely to mean Don't use Banshee vehicles

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    Re: Meaning of 'shee'...?

    yes, when I play HALO I get that word "shee". Now I am clear of that.

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    Re: Meaning of 'shee'...?

    This also depends on context.

    If someone tells you, "You can't use the Banshee vehicles," while in a game, and this is something that even a total newb would know, they may say, "No shee..." in this instance, they are trying not to say the whole, offensive wording of, "No Shit!" That being an Idiom meaning, "Like Duh?" or "Of course we cannot use the Banshee vehicles! What, do you think I'm a newb or something?"


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