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    Exclamation mechanic, mechanic, mechanically, mechanized etc.

    Hi, Is there anyone who can fill in the blanks and possibly explain jaust a bit why one and not the other term? Thank you.
    Fill in the blanks with: mechanic, mechanism, mechanize, mechanical, mechanically, mechanistic, mechanics, mechanization, mechanized.

    a. Today´s computers are less_________ than they used to be.
    b. The _____________ devices in a computer system operate more slowly than the electromagnetic devices.
    c. The _________ of the brain is very complicated but unlike a computer it isn´t ________ .

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    Re: mechanic, mechanic, mechanically, mechanized etc.

    Heres the words I would use:
    a. mechanized - with machinery, in this case the sentence would mean "they have less machinery in"
    b. mechanical - mechanical objects are objects that are machines. In this case, the sentences compares old machine based systems with new electromagnetic based systems.
    c1. mechanism - a mechanism is something made up of working parts, such as the brain.
    c2. mechanized - with machinery. In this case, its saying the brain doesn't have machenery in, where as a computer does.

    I can explain this futher if you like. In some cases there is more than one plausable option, but I think i have chosen the most semantically plausable.

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