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    Exclamation phonetics

    Is there a way to determine what the sound of the letter is when you see the phonetic spelling in the dictionary? If I don't know what the marks over the letters are, how can I pronounce them?

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    Re: phonetics

    Often dictionaries can be spelt phonetically as in: fuh-net-ik
    If you have difficulty deciphering what they are meant to sound like, try learning IPA (those symbols and marks) with a chart that gives you examples of what each should sound like. An example of such a chart can be found here:
    IPA chart for English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Re: phonetics

    Some dictionaries like Merriam-Webster Online have sound files so you can hear the word.

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    Re: phonetics


    i am just a student

    i would highly recommend you NOT to try to improve pronunciation by using the traditional phonetic spelling of the dictionaries

    why? pronunciation in english is really full of subtlenesses and you should avoid learning to pronounce a word incorrectly

    any tiny imperfection when pronouncing a word may lead the hearer not to understand what you say or, worse, understand something you donít want to say

    i would recommend you to use one of those many dictionaries with sound files. you can actually find some of them on the web. try www.allwords, for example.


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