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    Question what does it mean?

    The nine team roles are:
    * the Plant they are original thinkers; they generate new ideas; they offer solutions to problems; they think in radically different ways, laterally, imaginatively.
    * the Resource Investigator they are creative; they like to take ideas and run with them; they are extrovert and popular
    * the Co-ordinator they are highly disciplined and controlled; they can focus on objectives, they unify a team
    * the Shaper they are very achievement orientated; they like to be challenged and get results
    * the Monitor Evaluator they analyze and balance and weigh; they are calm and detached; they are objectives thinkers
    * the Team Worker they are supportive and cooperative; they make good diplomats because they only want what is best for the team
    * the Implementer they have good organizational skills; they display common sense; they like to get the job done
    * the Completer they check details; they tidy up after themselves; they are painstakingly conscientious
    * the Specialist they are dedicated to acquiring a specialized skill; they are extremely professional; they have drive and dedication

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    Re: what does it mean?

    What does what mean? You need to be clearer about what you want. As it is, the list seems to be a list for characters in a game


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