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    the problem for would

    i have a big problem on 'would'

    would is the past form of will .

    but will is the future tense.

    i couldnt understand it.

    pls give the example for would.

    and also might,could(what are the differences between these)


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    Re: the problem for would

    The word would is a modal verb with many uses. I think these three uses are most important:
    1. As part of the conditional mood.
    This is when you make a condition, such as I would eat or They would hear.
    This is probably the most frequent use of the word would, and can be explored in much greater depth by looking at different types of conditional.
    2.Indirect speach.
    When we report what someone has said, we report will as would, as follows:
    "I will go to his house later." becomes He said he would go to his house later.
    3.Making requests or offers.
    When we make a request or an offer, we use the word would as part of the question. For example:
    Would you open the door? or Would you like to go out next weekend?

    Could is another modal verb, which we use to describe if we have an ability to do something (as in I could mow the lawn.). It can also be used to describe a possibility in the past, such as I could have gone to town last weekend.

    Might is yet another modal verb, which is a little stronger than could. It describes when we think something is likely to be true, such as They might be happy or He might arrive late.

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