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    Test my pronunciation

    Hey fellows! I'm new to this forum. Since I'm not a native speaker, I'd like some other people to test my American-like pronunciation and tell me if it is easy-to-understand and of course point out my mistakes. For that purpose, I recorded myself reading a random text which I found in the Internet...

    Here you can listen to it:

    October 31, 2007
    Delaware Association of Scholars Denounces University of Delaware Reeducation Program

    Yesterday, the Delaware Association of Scholars (DAS) joined FIRE in denouncing the egregious program of thought reform at the University of Delaware.

    Extreme by any measure, the program is an out-and-out assault on the individual liberty, dignity, privacy and autonomy of UD students. It is tyranny disguised as citizenship education.

    DAS makes the same point that FIRE made yesterday:

    While such a program would be very problematic on any campus, it is also unlawful and unconstitutional at a public university. A public university is required by law and the Constitution to respect the constitutional rights of its students. No public university may permit, let alone actively engage in, the violation of its students’ basic rights.

    DAS joins FIRE in calling for the immediate and complete elimination of the Residence Life “education” program. No mere reduction in its scope or activities will do.

    In its conclusion, DAS thanks those students and staff who were responsible for gathering the information about the program and turning it over to organizations such as DAS and FIRE. Indeed, as Greg says above, students, faculty, and concerned citizens are essential to pressuring wayward universities into doing the right thing. We encourage our readers to join the growing outrage, contact University of Delaware President Patrick Harker and Director of Residence Life Kathleen Kerr, and demand that they respect the human dignity and individual liberty of their students.

    http://www.thefire. org/index. php/torch/ ?PHPSESSID= 6dd0d9209bd5e790 dbecd291ab2554d9 #8568)

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    Re: Test my pronunciation

    I'm sorry, I don't know if there's just a problem with my computer, but I couldn't listen to it. It's says there's an error in that page.

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    Thumbs up Re: Test my pronunciation

    It is good attempt..

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    Re: Test my pronunciation

    hi there, i listened your text. it was quite well i can say 99% only u need 2 b more slow in reading. Your extent , style e.t.c is good
    Keep tryinh it was ver very good

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