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    will vs. would

    I encountered the following sentence, and I was
    wondering if the sequence of tenses in the sentence was
    used correctly.

    The sentence goes;
    But, as VOA's Amy Bickers explains, Mr. Koizumi told
    reporters that Tokyo will listen sincerely to criticism of the
    textbook, and try to improve Japan-China ties by finding
    ways to understand the two sides' positions on the issue.

    I thought that "Tokyo will" should be "Tokyo would", because
    the former verb, "told" is used in the past tense, consequently,
    will should be would. Am I understanding English grammar

    I would appreciate it very much if you could give me your
    comment at your convenience.

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    Re: will vs. would

    If the thing being reported is a fact and always true, or still true at the time of reporting, we often don't backshift the verb.
    'My name's Paul.'
    He said his name is/was Paul.
    Here, as long as we believe him, we will often keep the verb in the present tense.


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