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    female students prefer male teacher?

    helooooooooo every body

    i want some help in my resarch paper that topic is "why female students prefer male teacher?"

    i want from you to answer this question and give reason to the answer pleaseee!!??

    heeelp meeeeeeee

    thank you

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    Re: female students prefer male teacher?

    Welcome to the forums.

    Sorry - your assignment, you do the work. We can advise on your English when you have written it.

    However, to start you off: Do you think the statement is valid and true? If so, why? If not why not?

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    Re: female students prefer male teacher?

    The other poignant question is, what do they prefer to learn from the male teachers?

    I doubt the female students prefer to learn dressing and deportment from male teachers.

    I suggest that you have a great degree of research ahead of you.


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    Re: female students prefer male teacher?

    I think the title might need some refining- do females universally prefer male teachers, regardless of age, culture, geography and the subject being taught? Try Google Scholar for research and academic papers on the topic.

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