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Thread: " In Care Of "

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    " In Care Of "


    I'm going to fill the U.S 2009 DV lottery form and there's sth like this:

    8. Mailing Address

    8a. In Care Of
    8b. Address Line 1
    8c. Address Line 2
    I just don't know what to write in front of In Care Of.
    Here's the URL:
    Electronic Diversity

    Can you help me please?
    thanks in advance,Amir(Atlaisha)

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    Re: " In Care Of "

    You will be notified by Postal mail between May and July 2008 if you are a winner. For notification purposes they are asking your postal mail address. So, if you live in your own place and will continue to live there and receive your own mail, there is no need to fill that "In Care of".

    If you are living at a friend or relative's home, and that person controls the incoming mail, then you have to list his or her name in the "in care of" line.

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    Re: " In Care Of "

    thank you so much Ouisch,i've been waiting for some answer for more than 2 weeks and now i can register easily.

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