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    Hi. Are "tightwad" and "cheapskate" completely interchangeable? I am guessing that there exists a different in degree. I think that "cheapskate" is a tad stronger, and also ruder. Am I right? Thanks.

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    Re: cheap

    They're both insults...but they are fairly equal in weight.

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    Re: cheap

    Tightwad refers to someone who has a 'tight grip on his wad of money'.
    If they buy anything, it's always the best value possible. Scrooge was a tightwad. He lived in a nice home, had fine things, owned a business, and had employees. His things were valuable, which is why thieves stole them after his death.

    Cheapskate refers to someone who does everything for the least amount of money possible. They buy the cheapest things, never share or give back, frequents the 'free samples', and does not pay for anything.

    Cheapskate is slightly more derogatory, though often a cheapskate or tightwad wouldn't necessarily consider it so.

    Frugal would be more what they think themselves as being.


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    Re: cheap

    Or even sensible Wholeman!

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