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Thread: be + going to

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    be + going to

    Why Is It Incorrect This Sentence?
    "i Am Going To Go Tomorrow And, It Is Correct To Say :"i Am Going Tomorrow"?.
    What´s The Reason?,Thanks A Lot.

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    Re: be + going to

    Quote Originally Posted by betoss06 View Post
    Why Is [It] This Sentence Incorrect [This Sentence]?

    1. "I Am Going To Go Tomorrow"

    And, is it Correct To Say :

    2. "I Am Going Tomorrow"?

    What's the Reason? Thanks A Lot.
    Both 1 & 2 are fine, Betoss. We use <be going to> to describe future actions and we also use "the present continuous for the future" to describe events that will happen. These events are usually near in the future, planned events.

    I'm playing Tennis on Wednesday.

    I'm going to the dentist next week, Friday.


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