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    Celta Lesson Plans & Assignments

    HI! I am in the second week of my Celta Programme. Could any one help me out with the outline of a lesson plan and also how to write the assingment.

    I just need the sub heading/ sub topics for them.


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    Re: Celta Lesson Plans & Assignments

    These are the basic templates I used for my CELTA course. I can't say if the lesson is any good, but these have the general headings you'll need. Remember to try to show a progression from controlled practice to free practice and always have feedback stages after any sort of exercise.

    They really should have given you something like this though, ask your tutors. Anyway, hope this helps.
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    Cool Re: Celta Lesson Plans & Assignments

    Hey Matt,

    Hope all is going well.

    Just having a PRECELTA brush up.

    See you soon.


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