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    Question Need Help With Celta Work 1st TP

    Hi everyone, I have just started the CELTA course and I have my first Teaching Practice (20 mins) on Tuesday.

    I have been given a speaking activity and I am the last person to teach.

    I need to do a speaking activity covering the topics of 'NAME, SURNAME, NATIONALITY and PHONE NUMBERS' which will already be taught to them by the previous CELTA students in my group. I need to go over things and make sure they understand all aspects mentioned above in a speaking activity.

    So if any ideas for an activity to conduct (preferably in pairs) I would be very greatful.

    I am also terrified as it will be my first time teaching anything. Any TIPS would also be great.

    Lastly, is there any ideas of how to LEAD-IN to the topic??? PLS PLS PLease HELP ME... THANKS..

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    Re: Need Help With Celta Work 1st TP

    A good lead in / warm up would be whole class. Have the students listen to you recite with another high level student, a basic dialogue. They write down the info. into columns for each category. Name / nationality etc....

    Then repeat with other students to check/record.

    See the Lessons in a Can on our community EFL Classroom 2.0 for the Big town / little town cards and how to use in an interview. This would be perfect. Students could then interview each other using a new identity.

    I also like giving students different information. They then walk around asking for the information - Is your phone number 265-7868? If they find a match, they link arms and continue.....make matching cards and distribute for each student.


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