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Thread: Past Perfect

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    Past Perfect

    I'm really confused, I don't understand when or how to use the past perfect can anyone explain it to me

    thank you

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    Re: Past Perfect


    Use past perfect for the earlier past event in utterances where there are two non-contemporaneous past events only if either (1 ) their order of occurrence is otherwise unclear, or (2 ) you wish to emphasize the precedence of the earlier event.

    That's it.

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    Re: Past Perfect

    You could make a comprehensive survey in the Wikipedia. You could read something in that line:

    Past perfect tense is a perfective tense used to refer to an event that has completed before another past action.

    In the sentence "The blind man who knew that he had risen, motioned him to sit down again" from Charles Dickens' Barnaby Rudge , "he had risen" is an example of the past perfect tense. It refers to an event ( someone rises from his seat), which takes place before another event (the blind man noticed the fact that the other has risen) since that second event (the blind man's taking notice) is itself a past event and the past tense is used to refer to it ("the blind man knew") , the past perfect is needed to make it clear that the first event (someone rises) has taken places even earlier in the past.


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