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Thread: help pls

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    help pls

    dear sir, pls explain these two for me . 1. in letter and spirit 2. work etc one's heart out .

    thank you very much


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    Re: help pls

    Hi there

    "in letter and spirit" - this means to follow the written instructions as well as following the original intent behind the words, the spirit in which it was written.

    "work etc one's heart out ." -
    There are many heart idioms, I think you are trying to convey that something is done to excess in this expression, as "heart out " used in this way indicates this.
    I don't think "work" is commonly used in this way , at least it is not an expression I hear all that often. Often we hear "sing ones heart out" for example.

    Hope this helps!

    Deborah the ESL Tutor


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