Sometimes I declare today a special day because we just got such and such a result and then I take them out to lunch, let them take time off, let them tell me their worst jokes never all at the same time, mind


And, occasionally, I declare such a special day even if we fail to win an order. I reward mistakes, screw-ups, failures, accidents. Why? Well, they have all slogged their guts out, done their best, given their all, sold their grannies and sweated blood. Why should not reward them? Just because we failed does not mean we did not strive. I am rewarding the effort. I am celebrating all that we did right effort, struggle, determination, teamwork, drive and good honest labour.

Decisions have been taken, memos sent, e-mails written, reports presented. Just keep a record of everything. All e-mails should be saved: this is no big deal because computer storage is so immense these days that if all e-mails ever sent were saved it would still only fill a cyber eggcup.