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  1. judyleonghk

    Red face Eco Friendly

    We always see "Eco friendly" in a lot of writings lately.

    1) What does Eco stand for? Is it an abbreviation as I couldn't find it in dictionary?

    2) When I say "in a lot of writings", shall I put 's' for writing for plural form?

    3) I haven't visited this website ever since Sep this year. I can see a lot of changes in
    the layout. Now I couldn't find the formatting button for

    Is it true that I can't do any words formatting before submitting the post, or I only miss
    out some function? Can you reply about it as I feel those formatting button are useful
    to stand out the main point to ease your work in replying?

    4) Why do we need to enter image verification for posting as some letters are difficult to
    read with special print type and blurred background?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Eco Friendly

    I will leave it for the moderators to address your other questions, but "eco" is for ecological, so something that is "eco-friendly" is friendly to the environment. You might also see the word "sustainable" or "green" to describe those things.

    I would personally use "writing," but I don't find "writings" wrong.

    [not a teacher]

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