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    Question Please, help to correct

    My ideal job

    Possibly my ideal job position would be a stock trader. Stock market dealers buy and sell on behalf of investors. By staying alert to trends in the international markets, they aim to make decisions that will secure the best financial return. I would like to maximize my efforts in exchange for greater independence, more personal satisfaction and better financial rewards. The important point is that the salaries start from around £18,000 for a trainee trader, rising to over £100,000 at the top of the field.
    There are no set qualifications for becoming a stockbroker, although most employers will expect you to have a degree. I have graduated from St Petersburg State University, Department of Economics with major in Theory of economics and my degree is recognizing as honor degree. Now Iíve been doing Master degree.
    Usually traders train on the job. Before starting to trade, they must gain a qualification approved by the Financial Services Authority, allowing them to become an 'Approved Person' listed by the Stock Exchange.
    After gaining qualifications and experience, traders who perform well may be able to take on an analyst or team leader role. They may advance to director level. Many change careers after a few years due to the stressful nature of trading so I am not really sure in that.
    And of course, it should be not more than 45 minutes away from my home, possibilities to get extra schooling, fixed contract, a good healthy food would be great.

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    Re: Please, help to correct

    Please, help me to correct mistakes in this composition!
    That is really urgent for me.

    Thanks for your time

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    Re: Please, help to correct

    ohh...somebody helped me in another topic=)

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