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    suppose i have to do a work and there's a guy by my side making a lot of noise.

    then, i think:

    "this guy is disturbing me"

    "this guy is hindering me"

    "this guy is obstructing me"

    "this guy is preventing me of doing what i need to do"


    what is the best way to say that?

    what do you think about each one of the sentences above?


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    Re: disturbing/obstructing/hindering

    "this guy is disturbing me" YES

    "this guy is hindering me" YES, if you were trying to do some work

    "this guy is obstructing me" PERHAPS. It might suggest he is purposefully making the noise to hinder your work. It sounds odd when said in relation to someone just making noise. He would be "obstructing' you if he was physically getting in your way.

    "this guy is preventing me doing what i need to do" Not really. He himself is not actively preventing you from doing anything. It is the noise he is making which is, say, 'preventing me from being able to concentrate'.


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