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    Argumentative essay topics

    Hello friends, thank you for reading me. As you can see I am new to this forum - my first post . I found this forum by surfing through Google and saw that you guys help out in English, which i think is fantastic. I have come I need of help because I am doing an essay on argumentative. I understand the concept and the steps but I seem to be having trouble in finding a good topic to write about. I have thought of some topics, Evolution or Illegal Immigration, but I feel like these topics have been abused to much. There are others but it is the same case, it seems like too much essays have been done on it. So I am in need of a good topic for me to write about or if you guys, if its not too much trouble, point me to some links for good argumentative topics. I have searched the forum, and of course the web- thats how I found this page, but didn't find anything related to what i am looking for. I did find a link posted by Tdol ( but the link doesn't anymore, at least not for me anyways. So if you guys could be so kind... he he he . Thanks in advance and thank you again for reading me .

    PD: Pardon my grammar, i am bad at English ( Yo entiendo mas en español que en ingles.. hehehe.)

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    Re: Argumentative essay topics

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