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    most recommended certificate?

    Which certificate is most recommended for my business students in Germany? The Cambridge business certificate or the TOEIC?

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    Re: most recommended certificate?

    The problem with the TOEIC is that it doesn't test productive skills, so I would go for the Cambridge ones.

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    Re: most recommended certificate?

    In Germany both certificates are normally accepted. The TOEIC is the most widespread certificate. The problem with the Cambridge is the limitation of test centres, also, the Cambridge Certificate is moreso a course whereas the TOEIC Test is a focused test for English Proficiency. You could actually study with the Cambridge material and then sit the TOEIC Test, but then again, you may not get the additional help associated with TOEIC preparation.

    The TOEFL is also accepted in German universities and should also be considered, maybe to a greater degree than the TOEIC.

    There are a lot of preparation books for the TOEIC and a dedicated TOEIC website at OnlineEnglish - TOEIC Preparation Online that has a very good name. That is if you need to prepare.

    Anyway, these are the facts from Germany.

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