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Thread: phrasal verbs

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    Cool phrasal verbs

    what do i have to take in acount when I teach phrasal verbs?

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    Re: phrasal verbs

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    what do i have to take in acount when I teach phrasal verbs?

    How to approach and teach phrasal verbs

    First of all, stop communicating to students that phrasal verbs are impossible. This can quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The message should be that phrasal verbs are just more words, that they are not that difficult to learn, and that students have already (by an elementary stage) acquired quite a few without realizing it (see the first lesson in this series of phrasal verbs for examples of phrasal verbs that students quickly pick up in the classroom)....

    Who says phrasal verbs are only for intermediate level students and up? The lesson at the bottom of the page is for elementary or false beginners to introduce some common phrasal verbs. It can be used with higher levels who are suffering from “phrasal verb anxiety” and need to be reminded that it is not that difficult!
    Onestopenglish | Vocabulary: phrasal verbs

    Onestopenglish | Vocabulary

    E L T - C O M M U N I T Y N E W S

    And, here are some useful steps while teaching phrasal verbs :

    How to Teach a Phrasal Verb With Storytelling |

    and teacher`s notes with an exercise:

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