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    Are you sure about grammar?

    I"ve been teaching English and its grammar for several years now. Nevertheless, i cannot say for sure whether grammar is or isn't effective. If you have read the relevant professional literature about the topic, you know that there is doubt regarding the effectiveness of teaching grammar. How about just listening comprehension, visuals, reading and perhaps conversations for memorizing?

    I'd like to hear from you soon. If you can, please mention something about your teaching experience.

    Thanks, Eric

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    Re: Are you sure about grammar?

    The only observation I can make is that the general standard of literacy in Britain has dropped massively since grammar ceased to be regarded as important. I would certainly agree that obsession with grammatical niceties is often overdone, but it is very noticeable that those who have English as a second language often write better on a basic level than many natives do. I speak with feeling as someone who was in publishing for 35 years.

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    Re: Are you sure about grammar?

    Thanks Anglika, I've read you reply and i think i agree!

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    Unhappy Re: Are you sure about grammar?

    I like teaching grammar section. The problem is, the last few years the education that we have has changed a lot. Years ago, when I was in the university, it stressed on grammar more than on any other ones. But nowadays it sresses on reading, listening, and writing.

    Do you think it's possible for students to grow their abilities if they don't quite understand grammar ? I personally think, it's kind of impossible. How can students answer reading comprehension questions if the don't understand what comes after something. For instance, a subject would come before a verb or other way around.

    Now, I am having a trouble since I keep stressing on grammar and a new problem comes up. They don't quite understand the vocabulary. They do understand grammar better now, but when they try to write, they can't find what's the English words for all their ideas.

    Pretty hard for me. Could somebody out there suggests me how to cope with this situation, please ? Btw,my class is an ESL class. Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Are you sure about grammar?

    Thanks faschia for writing back about grammar. Have you ever tried using (that is, having your students use) a notepad for collecting words and reviewing them constantly?

    Hope i've helped a bit.

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