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    Smile appropriate/proper/suitable

    I don't think T-shirt and blue jeans are appropriate/proper/suitable clothes for this occasion.

    Do all of the underlined words fit in the above wording? If not, why not? Thanks.

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    Re: appropriate/proper/suitable

    They all fit neatly.

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    Re: appropriate/proper/suitable

    Are there any differences among these words in every day`s English?
    How could one distinguishibly use all of them without hesitation?

    The following sentences will show my doubts (My native language is Spanish):

    "Should it be appropriate/proper for us to ask?"
    "That book is not appropriate/suitable for young readers"
    "I do not think your behave is appropriate/proper"
    "what is the proper/apprpriate usage of these sentences"
    "Countries will soon start using proper/appropriate custom measures at their airports"

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    God bless you all.


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