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    head fake?

    What is the meaning of head fake?

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    Re: head fake?

    As I am unsure how old you are, or what your sensibilities are, it is best I do not tell you the actual source of this expression.
    It means, pretending to do one thing whilst actually doing another.

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    Re: head fake?

    OK, I've read one of the meanings. But I watched a professor using it before a large number of people at a sort of a public discussion. Maybe used figuratively.

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    Re: head fake?

    Quote Originally Posted by learner2007 View Post
    What is the meaning of head fake?
    I think it's origin is American football. In this context it occurs when a runner carrying the ball moves his head quickly in one direction to make the opposing player think he is going to run in that direction. Then in the last second the ball carrier moves in the other direction and runs past the tackler.

    In a more general sense, it would mean that you do something to distract someones attention, making them think you are going to do something but you fool them and do something else.

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    Re: head fake?

    Im not sure about this (after reading the previous entries) but the head fake sounds more like a term that emerged out of classrooms than football fields. It is the common habit of a daydreaming student to nod his head (and fake understanding) in the class when the Professor's and the student's eyes meet.

    That is, what I feel, a more appropriate source of the term "Head Fake".

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