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    Some confusing expressions

    Dear teachers,
    In a dancing competion, one commentator said to the other one:
    "Kelly and Ron keep their lead ahead of Katherine and Vince. Makaela and Ryan in third, Steven and Sara fourth. Nail-biting stuff. Give me your fingers, Ange. I'm down to my knuckles!"
    Can u explain to me the meaning of the expressions in blue? Thank u.

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    Re: Some confusing expressions

    This is humourous commentary. The competition going on is very suspenseful, and when some people are anxious, upset, or worked up and in suspense, they may bite or chew their fingernails.
    Nail-biting stuff.
    The suspense is such that the commentator is suggesting, he/she is biting his nails.

    Give me your fingers, Ange. I'm down to my knuckles!"

    This is the humourous part. It implies that the commentator is so worked up with suspense, she has bitten and chewed away not only her nails, but her actual fingers right down to her knuckles. So she asks Ange for her fingers, so that she will still have fingernails to bite whilst the suspenseful competition continues.

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    Re: Some confusing expressions

    Thank David for your answer.
    By the way, I have another expression to ask. The full sentence is:

    "Kelly and Ron have cast their rigidity to the four winds of the earth, or at least the studio, and are embracing the loose Latin music that has taken control of their lower bodies."

    This is also from a dancing commentator, and I get stuck with the words in blue and the commentator's implication. Can u help me? Thanks a lot.

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