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Thread: What is Schwa

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    Post What is Schwa

    Will some one be kind enough in explaining what is Schwa?

    I tried every site and book's to find at least examples on this term,but i didnt find anything useful.

    Please help.

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    Re: What is Schwa

    Will someone be kind enough to explain what Schwa is, or means?

    I've tried every site and book to find examples of this term, but I didn't/couldn't find anything useful.
    (This is an exaggeration to emphasize how much you tried, and the reader understands this. Grammatically, the first part of the sentence is, "I've tried every site and every book" - and that is why both 'site' and 'book' are singular.)

    Schwa is the name for the vowel sound in English which occurs in words of several syllables and which is not stressed. For example, "a moment ago = a mom e nt a go

    The a is schwa in adept.

    The e is schwa in synthesis.

    The i is schwa in decimal.

    The o is schwa in harmony.

    The u is schwa in medium.

    The y is schwa in syringe.

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