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    stress placement

    Dear all my teachers and friends,

    Please help me clear this statement: " There is no rule of stress placement in English language".

    In my knowledge, I said 'fault' and had an example as follow:
    with the word 'present'. if stress is on first syllable, it's a noun. If stress is on second syllable, it's a verb.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: stress placement

    Hi Maithu,
    There are some rules about stress placement, but like a lot of English there are many exceptions.
    Generally, the stress comes on the first syllable of a two-syllable word like "doctor" or "dentist".
    For words with many syllables, the stress is usually on the third-from-last syllable like syllable or "hospital or certificate.
    You're right about "present". It is correct to present a present!
    You won't go wrong very often if you follow the two rules I've suggested, but as I said before, be prepared to come across many exceptions.
    Hope this helps.
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