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    Sentence completion.. plz help

    Hi.. please read the below sentence. The answer is (B)... But

    how about C? (C) cannot be an answer?

    What's the difference between ecological balance and biological balance?

    Thank you...^^

    A third revolution was the tremendous growth in industrial chemistry, and in our ability to make chemicals in
    __________ quantities, very cheaply, for all kinds of purposes. But these have upset the little-understood _________

    (A) adequate-metaphysical
    (B) vast- ecological
    (C) substantial- biological
    (D) excessive- economic

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    Re: Sentence completion.. plz help

    Biological balance refers to the physiological processes going on in individual living organisms. Ecological balance refers to the interplay of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.
    Chemicals may specifically affect animals, or they may affect the habitat where the animals live, or both. There is a balance, because, say, if the water is poisoned, fish will die. If there are few fish for birds to feed on, the bird population will also fall. Birds also eat insects; but if we have fewer birds, these will eat fewer insects, so the insect population will no longer be under control and might increase to plague proportions etc.

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