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Thread: speaking skills

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    speaking skills

    I would like to know how to improve my speaking skills because i have really found difficlties to communicate in english. I need your help.
    thanks a lot.

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    Re: speaking skills

    Well, training makes perfect. To get better at speaking english, the simplest way is to start speaking it more. It might also help if you start to - actively - listen to - preferably - native english speakers. Some accents might be hard to understand, so try to find one that youre comfortable with.
    If you dont feel like "exercise speaking" with your friends or family, various voice chats might be a good alternative (Like ventrilo). Chat rooms tend to vary a lot in quality, so try to find one where they speak "decently". Of course you should like the people youre talking with, too= ).
    A trick I use is to think in in english (and every time I want to "think" a word a dont know, I look it up). Perhaps it sounds like a so-so method, but it really helped me improve my speaking.

    Well, the short answer is p-r-a-c-t-i-c-e. Because practice makes perfect.

    Good luck, and best regards

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