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    Help with pronouncing these words please.

    Girl, they're, he'll, she'll, they'll, we're, and we'll. I have a very hard time trying to use these words in a sentence as far as pronouncing these words. Is there a way for me to be able to pronounce these words with ease? Please help, any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: Help with pronouncing these words please.

    girl : pronounced as rhyming with hurl, curl, pearl,
    he'll - pronounced as rhyming with heel (of a shoe), deal,feel,meal,peel,seal,wheel
    she'll - as with "he'll" but with the "sh" sound instead of 'h'
    they'll - firstly, say these words : fail, mail,nail,sail,tail
    now say this word : dull. Now say it leaving off the "d" - ull
    Now try putting the sounds together : theyull, but don't stress the "u" part too much, so that the sound is half way between "ull" and "ll"
    we're : the closest I can suggest (and people will understand you) is if you rhyme this word with "wear" which rhythms with tear, pear, bear
    we'll: rhythms with "he'll" as above.
    Does this help? Please let me know.

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