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    dear teacher, what does it mean ? another chance went abegging.


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    Re: help

    "begging" is the modern expression, and "abegging" is an old fashioned way of saying it. Used nowadays, it has a poetic quality to it.
    Another opportunity came along, but the person did not take any action to seize the advantages that the opportunity offered.
    Imagine chance/opportunity as a person, and it comes up to you saying, "Please take advantage of me" in the same way that a beggar might say, "Please give me some loose change (money)." If you ignore the beggar, he leaves and goes off to beg from someone else. The opportunity was as if begging to be taken, but you ignored it. To continue using this example, where we are seeing 'opportunity' as a person (personifying/personification): you ignored the request 'to be taken', and poetically, the opportunity "went abegging" and someone else might become aware of this golden opportunity and take it instead.
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