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    Question english idioms

    please can you complete the following for me since i have some difficulty in my h.w
    1 after such a long period of working overseas it will be hard for you to "pick up the ...... again.

    2 it's easy to be wise after the ........

    3 The meal was absolutely delicious but the size of the bill gave it "a nasty ...... in the tail"

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    Re: english idioms

    pick up the pieces: restore one's life or a situation to a more normal state, typically after a shock or disaster.
    pick up speed (or steam) (of a vehicle) :go faster; accelerate.
    pick up the threads: resume something that has been
    My dictionary lists these three for "pick up". What does your dictionary say?
    Which one do you think applies to your sentence?
    My dictionary also gives the other two phrases. Are you sure you have tried your dictionary?

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