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    Hello there!

    I know that you have already discussed the difference between communication and communicatinS and the explenation is very clear but I still have some questions.

    -Could i say that i have been working in communication or communications, if i have been journalis during years in tv, radio ect? They are the tools of communication but also you are communicating as

    -When we speak about person, who is good in communication and also working in the communication/s (medai) is it a communication or communications expert?

    -Is any difference between communication or communications consultant ?

    -To be in charge of the communication work of a company is a communication or communications manager?

    I can find examples fro everything on the web, but I would like to know the official point of it in a world of communication or communications???-))

    Thank you! berni

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    Re: communications

    Welcome to the forums.

    Oxford says this: Communication:noun 1 the action of communicating. 2 a letter or message. 3 (communications) means of sending or receiving information, such as telephone lines or computers. 4 (communications) means of travelling or of transporting goods, such as roads or railways.

    A person works in communications and is a communications expert.

    Within a company, there is great need for good communication of information.

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    Re: communications

    Thank you Anglika!

    So based on the OD a communications manager is developing a communication strategy without S. And everybody who is working in the communicationS is a communicationS especialist, consultant, expert ect...If I'm good in expressing myself in general, I have good communication skills and i1m good in communication. Am I right???

    Sorry to be so narrow minded but eventhough I understund the explanation of the dictionary it is very difficult to trasnform it in real life and how I see it, there is a huge confusion about it.


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    Re: communications

    You seem to have understood it perfectly - all your examples are good

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    Re: communications

    Thank you!

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