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    Want to know....

    I would like to know about this "SOMEWHAT" means with very clear and easy english. If any one explaine me with some examples then i m very thanksfull... AND second word i want to know is "buggered" (Actually i dont know true spelling but i have heard this type of word like "lazy buggered , You buggered". If any body understand wht i want to ask so plz reply me and solve my problem ....! Thanks.....
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    Re: Want to know....

    Hi Rameez Memon,

    The meaning of "somewhat" is "to some degree". It is usuallyused as follows: e.g., Santhu was somewhat surprised to see him; Their economy has improved somewhat since last year.

    Now, coming to the next one. Yes, you have spelled the word correct. "Buggered" means very tired, ruined, broken, etc. It is a slang. Similarly, the phrase "I'll be buggered" is used to express great surprise. Again, this is used in informal context.

    Just wondering whether I've answered all your doubts



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