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    I would like to know about this "SOMEWHAT" means with very clear and easy english. If any one explaine me with some examples then i m very thanksfull... AND second word i want to know is "buggered" (Actually i dont know true spelling but i have heard this type of word like "lazy buggered , You buggered". If any body understand wht i want to ask so plz reply me and solve my problem ....! Thanks.....

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    Re: Help

    Somewhat is an adverb and it means “to some extent” or to a degree

    I was not angry but I was somewhat upset

    From this you can see that I was not completely angry but I was not happy either.

    His story was somewhat misleading

    The company directors new car was somewhat longer than his old car.

    This is a vulgar slang word and is dangerous to use unless you are completely confident with the English language.
    The reason it is a dangerous slang word is because it comes from the base word bugger which is a sodomite (check sodomite in the dictionary if you don’t know it).

    While the word may be used in UK English street slang as in the examples you quote:

    Your buggered = Your in big trouble

    You lazy bugger = a very rude way to call someone lazy.

    I would strongly suggest anyone learning English never to use this phrase.

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    Re: Help

    Iam very Happy that u help me out...! Could u explaine me a difference B/W "potential" and "actual" in a same way that u did in your last reply.... I mean explaine me deeply...! Thanks..Dave


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