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    I want help to teach about Personal pronouns -subject- object

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    I want help to teach about Personal pronouns -subject- object
    Personal pronouns - subject form:

    I am thinking about moving back to London.
    You didn't say a word at the meeting.
    He still hasn't replied to our letter.
    She highly speaks of her manager.
    The door must be locked. It (= the door) won't open.
    We spent the whole weekend in the countryside.
    You are the boss here!
    They will probably build a new supermarket in our small town.

    Personal pronouns - object form:

    Your sister doesn't seem to like me.
    I called you twice last night.
    The police officer told him to get out of the vehicle.
    Oh gosh, I'm going to cry for her.
    There used to be a small cafe next to my house. I really miss it (= the cafe) sometimes.
    Don't you trust us?
    I didn't mean to offend you, guys!
    We've been waiting for them fifty minutes now.

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