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    Course programme

    Does anyone have / know of where I can find a course programme? Ie. to take a student from complete beginner to fluent, what do you have to teach them and in what order? To use as a "tick list" for lesson planning, to ensure the learning is progressive and suitable for the level. I invisage a huge list or table containing all the types of grammar, etc.

    I have been trying to compile one from structures used in text books, but it's a big job!

    I wondered if there's already something in existence on-line or in a book.


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    Re: Course programme

    Buy a series of EFL books such as English File published by Oxford University Press or a similar series from other publishers such as CUP, Macmillan or Longman There is a wide choice. Make sure you get the accompanying teacher's books, cassettes and resource packs (if any) too. Keltic Books in London have an online catalogue

    Welcome to the Keltic Bookshop

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