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  1. nina francia

    Question idioms

    please send some common english phrase for my homework...
    can't figure out how...

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    Re: idioms

    A ROLLING STONE GATHER NO MOSS: a go getter type person can get successfulthan a person who is not doing anything.

    BARKING DOGS SELDOM BITE: a person who talk tough, but really
    Is not.

    ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME: there can be many different ways to do something in different.

    ALL SKIN AND BONE: if a person is under weight (very lean and thin)

    ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET: you risk everything at once instead of spread the risk.

    ANTS IN HIS PANTS : a person who cannot keep quite as he is agitated and excited about something.

    ANY TOM, DICK OR HARRY: the one who follows the same procedure, which was invented by others.

    BAD EGG: a person who cannot be trusted.

    BEAT ABOUT THE BUSH: if some one does not say clearly what they mean and try to make it hard to understand, they are beating around the bush.

    BEATING A DEAD HORSE: trying to convince the person who does not have hope of succeeding.

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