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    My girlfriend currently got some problems at school. So i decided to help her.
    Her next classtest is a comparison of two short texts. One known "The Pushcart Peddlers" and one unknown. I think it'll be about the american dream too.

    I searched the hole web to find a "how to" but i cant find anything.
    Im realy good in speaking english but never did something like this before.

    What we need is a structure, examples or phrases regarding comparisons to get a overview.

    Shes in the 12th grade, so it mustnt be that easy.

    It whould be very nice if you help us.

    Thanks in advance ang greetings from germany


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    Re: Comparison

    From your post I understand you to say you want to know how to set about comparing and contrasting two texts.

    These sites have simple demonstrations of how to "compare and contrast" :
    ReadWriteThink: Student Materials: Comparison and Contrast Guide

    This one discusses "compare" essays:
    LEO Comparison/Contrast Essays

    When she has done her essay, post it for comment!

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    Re: Comparison

    Thank you very much.

    Thats exactly what we need
    "LEO Comparison/Contrast Essays"

    I think they have to compare and contrast two texts regarding to the american dream.

    The first text is "The Pushcart Peddlers by Muray Shisgal".
    The second will be an unknown one.

    Now we'll try writing essays, comparing and contrasting "The Pushcart Peddlers" and some other texts, regarding to the american dream.
    I think practice is the best way to success

    Hope you'll understand my english ^^
    Sometimes its a little bit difficult to get my thoughts on paper.

    We'll post the essays here for comment.



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    Re: Comparison

    Glad you have found something to help - and your English is not at all bad

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