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Thread: Aren't I?

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    Re: Aren't I?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lib
    Damn, hope this works this time. As I was saying before I got some sort of INVALID notice ... CitySpeak - interesting about 'ain't', thanks for the information. And a question for everyone: does anyone out there who is not American actually use 'ain't' in their everyday speech?
    I don't use ain't often, but I use it more often than aren't I. The one I only use occasionally. The other I use not at all.

    Maybe we should start a movement to revive the use of ain't.

    "I ain't gonna hold my breath."
    "I ain't gonna take it anymore."
    "I ain't gonna stand here waiting any longer."
    "I am happy, ain't I?"



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    There's no need to revive 'ain't' in BE- it's alive and kicking.

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