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    Post Formal presentation

    Hi, I`m writing a presentation or letter, I don`t know how to clasify it.

    The reason is that I don`t know some things abot some details, it will be perfect if you can contact me.

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    Re: Formal presentation

    Please note this advice that we give to users: we advise you not to use your email address as a username or give it out in a forum post . It may be used to send you spam emails which can be very irritating. If you want people to be able to email you, they can do so from your user profile.

    I have therefore deleted it from your post, and suggest you register so that you have a user profile.

    With reference to your query, perhaps you could try to give some more information and then someone will be able to help. If it is a matter of how to produce a formal piece of writing, you could start here:

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