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    Help think of a banner please

    I'm helping somebody put together a resume, and I'd like to put a banner on it to highlight his strengths. The idea I want to express is that he's a great combination of a Sales person and a technical support person. So I'd like to say something like "A Technical Support with a Selling Talent, and a Sales Person with a solid Technical Background"
    Did anyone get my point?
    Please let me know how you would say it. Any idea is appreciated.

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    Re: Help think of a banner please

    It is not generally a good thing to have a "banner" on a resume/cv, which is supposed to provide facts about training, experience and interests. A statement of this kind could be included in the cover letter.

    "He is/I am someone who combines good technical knowledge with a talent for selling"
    "He is/I am a sales person with a solid technical background".

    You might find this site helpful: - Write A CV In Minutes™

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    Re: Help think of a banner please

    Thanks a lot.
    In Canada, there is a new trend of having more space for creativity in resume writing. More and more career coaches like me or resume writers began to abandon fixed template, instead, we try to create a sense of personal branding in our clients' resumes, with discreet consideration of the target industry's culture.

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    Re: Help think of a banner please

    I will be interested in how long that lasts - When hiring and firing, I rarely had time to admire "creative" cvs, which were supposed to contain factual information. On the other hand, a really good accompanying letter with indications of originality always caught the attention.

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    Re: Help think of a banner please

    Having solid, factual information doesn't have to contradict with being creative. And looking at a more interesting resume actually doesn't cost you more time - it in fact may refresh your attention after a day of tedious resume reading.
    Being creative in a resume, to me, means to make it easier for readers to capture what's highlighted, just as a good commercial catches your attention within very short period of time, but it usually doesn't present the information in an uninteresting way.

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    Re: Help think of a banner please

    Maybe. But if one has 100 cvs to go through, it is straight fact that wins through. Creative writing fudges the issues.

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