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    English text

    Hi, all teacher !
    I wrote a trainig report for my oral exam. Can you check it out ans correct me!

    I did my training at Schneider Electric in an unit of Merlin Gerin, a mark of Schneider Electric named RC&S : Retrofit Center & Spare Parts based in Grenoble. Six week training from the 4th June to the 13th July, which have permit me understand the large industry’s functioning and problems met in work. Schneider Electric is the first company in Electric Distribution and second in automatics and control, its turnover amount €13 billon in 2006.

    RC&S unit employs 96peoplemore a lot of temporary worker for studies, manufacture, selling, commissioning retrofit (complete circuit breaker), retrofil (reconditioning circuit breaker) and spare parts for circuit breakers dedicate to low and average voltage.
    Regarding my training report; I was in the manufacture, I made spare parts. For example I made sockets for circuit breakers. It was specially socket because it was 40 wires for one socket. Commands could content from few parts to 70 parts to realize.

    To conclude, I come across only minor difficulty when I didn’t find the timeline. To find it, I went to search in the archives. The training has proved practical as I learnt to assemble spare part. Besides which it was stimulating because I always had something to do. The training has permit me know different jobs in an industry and to know quality and delays respect is very important in an industry.

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    Re: English text

    I think this might be a bit better.

    I took my training at Schneider Electric in a unit of Merlin Gerin named RC&S. Schneider Electric is the top company in electrical distribution and second in automation and control, its value of production was €13 billion in 2006. My training occurred in the Retrofit Center & Spare Parts facility based in Grenoble. All-in-all I had six weeks of training from the June 4th until the 13th of July, which gave me an understanding of this large companies functioning and problems.

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    Re: English text

    thanks :)

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