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    Please help, need a word for a person whose rights have been taken away and put under
    jurisdiction of a attorney i.e. a person having a lot of money and property but mentally not
    capable of managing these.
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    Re: Word Searcher

    There is a Power of Attorney, in which a person assigns to others the legal right to manage his or her affairs as illness or incapacity makes it impossible to do so for him/herself. The person doing this is usually called the "granter" or the "principal" or the "donor". It will depend on which country you are talking about.

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    Re: Word Searcher

    I seem to remember that 'a person of unsound mind' could be declared 'legally incompetent' and a 'guardian' appointed to manage his/her affairs under English Law but it's been a while since I studied law and this wasn't my area of specific interest.

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