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    about how reviladate a passport

    I need to send a letter to the Embassy of the united States , here in Peru, but i `m not sure how can I do it. Please I need a sample letter with this topic . thank you Laura Mestanza

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    Re: about how reviladate a passport

    Here is a letter template that should work for you:
    Incidently the telephone number for the embassy in Lima is: 434-3000

    (Date the letter here)

    Embassy of the United State of America
    Avenida Encalada, Cuadra 17
    Monterrico, Lima

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Passport Renewal/Revalidation

    I need to have my passport renewed/revalidated. Will you kindly advise me as to the process required to renew or revalidate my passport? You may contact me at the following address:

    (Put your name and full address here and your phone number if you wish)


    (Type your name here)

    (Your Signature under your name)


    Good Luck!!


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